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Croftgate been the life blood of my mobile detailing business for the last 3 years.
Croftgate been the life blood of my mobile detailing business for the last 3 years.   We now have 250+ loyal customers from Pintos to Porsches and they all think we are good at what we do. I tell them we just love cleaning cars, we are good at it because we choose to use the best products available for their car. And that is definitely without a doubt Croftgate.     Using these products alone has allowed to build a solid reputation and be the number one ranked A grade business by Angies list in our county. Frank has always been nothing but the most helpful and supportive guy out there for customer service.   After getting a Stage 3 Saleen S281 Sc for my shop, it has never seen water with 3000 miles on it.   I use nothing but corftgates full line on it and it is IMPOSSIBLE to get dirty. Bugs enjoy surfing off the quick and slick I think, but they never stick around ;-)   Can't say enough, best products and staff out there.     Like I always tell my customers, most details look good when they're done, but with croftgates products, the biggest difference is how easy it is to clean a few months down the road.
chuck strogish ( life blood of my mobile , Pittsburgh )
this is the best ever
i finally got the money up to get the croftgate kit and i used it on my 02 monte ss and just wow, the first time i used it my car won best in class at a large car show and so many people complimented me on the "brand new paint job" that my car has, even though its a 11 year old factory paintjob! this stuff is just beyond belief and i will never even think about using another product on any of my vehicles again.
Christopher R ( mbsc )

I just wanted to say that I stopped by the booth at the Canadian International Auto Show of 2012 because I didn't believe that this would actually work. After a brief demo, I bought the trial packet to give it a try on my own. The results were AMAZING! I could not believe that I could wash my whole car without water in 30 minutes. The process was super easy and I was more amazed that the car stayed clean for THREE WEEKS! Even in a little rain the beads of water just rolled away never to be seen again. I was shocked. I can never wash my car another way again!


I recently opened a Waterless mobile detailing business in Charlotte. I met Rick and he turned me on to Frank, and introduced Mean Green Detailing to Croftgate products. In less than 3 months I have 3 major Country clubs, a group of massage franchises, a couple of pro football players, an owner of a professional hockey team, and the list of clients goes on! My phone is ringing off the HOOK. these guys not only talk the talk, they walk the walk! Frank has been instrumental in educating my team on Croftgate products and how to properlyuse them! Croftgate USA has a lifelong customer with Mean Green Detailing!

Danny Marraro

Seeing I'd believing. It took Frank about 30 min to convince me.

Troy Blume

Being in the detailing business for over 30 years, learning it from the ground level here in NY from my dad, knowing all of the products on the market was sometimes confusing. With the Croftgate products and new waterless technology they have raised the "bar" with the superior results that ALL of their products deliver. I in my many years being in the auto reconditioning and detailing business have NOT seen anything compared to their products and the FINAL results is UNBELIEVABLE!!!!

Thanks to both Rick and Frank for creating such great detailing products!!!

Anthony Flammia

I just used croftgate waterless products for the first time. Holy U know what. I am totally shocked at how easy and well it works.
I am so done with all the other products

Ron in Florida

There is only one product I would trust to use on my vehicles... Croftgate USA!!  I wish there was a section on here to post pictures of my cars and motorcycles to show just how great this works on black.


I was totally shocked today when I came home and seen our 07 GT Mustang. It looked brand new.Mike, Frank and Tony from Croftgate USA came to our home and used their products to clean our car. The water spots on the black Mustang were so bad. We have tried several times to remove them by washing the car with water and cleaners. Nothing worked. We were amazed when these guys removed spots without water using Croftgate products and it is so easy to keep it shining now that we know what to use. No more water spots because we will not be using water to clean our car. This is one product that is true to the word. No gimmicks. It really works. Just try it on your vehicle and see the amazing results and watch the video. Frank said our mustang was his worst job yet but you should see it now. Dale says water is for drinking not washing your car. I am being truthful about this and got a beautiful shiny car. CroftgateUSA has what you need. Thanks again guys.

Kathy Casstevens

I thought I would give you a woman's point of view on Croftgate Products. I am a woman of a "certain " age-ok-I come from a time when I knew all the car models. Each manufacturer did not have so many models that I now have to read the back of the car to find out what it is. I have always loved cars. To work on my car and not have to deal with anything else at that time is a real joy. Darrin showed me the Croftgate products when we were on a family get together in Reno this summer. The two of us were in the parking garage at Harrahs when a guard came to see what we were up to. Darrin cleaned up his brothers car and I was hooked. He gave me a kit and although the Customs guys looked at me like I was not quite telling the truth, I got to bring home a wonderful gift. Back in Canada I was working on my car and my neighbor asked me what I was doing.he could not believe me when I said I was cleaning my car. I didn't have the ong hoses snaked around,I didn't have the pail of water,I didn't have the cleaning cloths,sponges or chamois,I didn't have my usual 3 baskets of cleaning products,I didn't have wet feet! My 3 baskets containeed tar remover,different window cleaners and several rodents for my wheels and so many other products. All I had was my three bottles and my cloths.Nothing to clean up when I was finished! Many weeks later,after I had been driving through muddy puddles I looked forward to cleaning the old girl up again. Not me-the car. it actually isn't old it's a gorgeous 2011 BMW bit tats another story.because the weather turned cold I was planning on cleaning my car in the garage but I had washed my hair and I didn't know if there would be an odor from the cleaning solutions which would make is necessary to open the door. it was to cold for my wet head.
I hadn't smelt anything when I was working on my car outside so i wasn't sure if this cold day would be good for this job. A minute after I started I knew this was not an issue. I could not smell anything,I stayed in the garage with my wet hair and I did not open a door. I finished cleaning my car and even my manicure was perfect. I was so easy and so quick. I have also cleaned my husbands car and I find it hard to believe that I used so little of the solution . I recommend this product to anyone who will listen and probably have told some women whose idea of cleaning a car is asking someone to do it for them. This product makes my life better!! Enough said....

Carol Paley

Just wanted to let you know again how great your products are. Now we have two beautiful Mustangs sitting in our carport thanks to CroftgateUSA and the great guys you have demoing your products. Not only does Dales 07 GT Black Mustang (the one you have video of) looks great. Tony Cranfill came today and cleaned my 1999 convertible Mustang. She is a beauty now. There will be no more car washes for me. You do not need water to clean your car. CroftgateUSA has everything you need to make your car  look like it just came off the showroom floor. I wish I could put a photo of my car on here to see for yourself. Watch the video of the 07 GT on their website. Seeing is believing. I will never use water again. And yeah this is a womans point of view. CroftgateUsa has some great guys working for them. They treat you like you have always known them. Frankie, Mike and Tony taught Dale and I everything we need to know about cleaning our car with CroftgateUSA waterless car wash. It is just awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

Kathy Casstevens

I used the range of products from Croftgate to check them out, surely something that sounds that good can't possibly be that good?? Well in 20 minutes I cleaned my car outside and another 10 minutes to do the inside and it's like new. 30 minutes to do an average size family car washed and waxed, it's amazing!! no marks or smears wheels and tyres as well. I have now cleaned everything around my house and it's better than anything I've used before. Croftgate USA, that's what they do!!


Its about time Croftgate separated its relationship from Freedom Waterless car wash products for the support, knowledge, and overall knowlege of the Croftgate personnel surpasses the lack of support from Freedom waterless car wash products. When you call Frank & Rick at Croftgate you get real answers and not just order takers who answer the phone at Freedom.

Croftgate is the answer to all of your car care needs! I highly endorse them for they treat you like a customer and not a number!

Anthony Flammia631-445-3944

Anthony Flammia

ive just recently been introduced to croftgateUSA and work for a major nascar team,my job is driving the transporter and keeping it clean inside and outside and keeping it in pristine condition for our sponsors and owners.Ihave tried all the products you can imagine and i can deffinetly promise to you that there will never be another product besides croftgateUSA to ever be used on this multy million dollar transporter from the tire shine to the leather conditioner used on my truck seasts and the l-shaped leather couch in the lounge of the trailer to the waterless car wash to the quick-n-slick polish to project x on my truck to give it that brilliant shine and keeping bugs off the front of the truck all i can say is thank you to Frank and the boys at croftgateUSA for making my job alot easier cause your effortless products and giving the brilliant pristine shine to my transporter

troy brady

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