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aboutCroftGateUSAlogo2About Our Company - CroftgateUSA

Croftgate has been in the United Kingdom producing and selling its products throughout Europe since 1998.  Because of Europe’s stringent environmental regulations (among the strongest in the world, Croftgate went through a metamorphosis becoming what it is today.

decided to bring a whole new technology to the United States. A high performance eco responsible range of waterless car wash and car detailing products alongside the already popular range of low water wash and waxes, leather cleaners, compounds and polishes and many other award winning products. All made wherever and whenever possible, with no petroleum solvents and no listed hazardous ingredients.

"Amazing! That's what everybody says!" exclaims Rick Sures, president of CroftgateUSA. "When people use our revolutionary technologies for the first time, they experience ease of use, longevity of shine, unparalleled surface protection within minutes versus hour, and are so shocked the news spreads like wild fire by word of mouth."


So Who Are We?

We are like you! We are people who take pride in our vehicles.

We are the manufacturer. We actually formulate and produce all of our products. Beginning in our labs, CroftgateUSA has a team of scientists dedicated to producing quality products with the lowest environmental impact. On to our manufacturing and bottling facilities located globally.We maintain the highest level of consistency possible in all of our car care and other products.


Examples of how we maintain consistency:

  • Quality control at every level of the production phase by our highly trained production staff and lab
  • We use ONLY purified water to avoid fluctuation of minerals and other contaminants in the waterHead chemists inspect final product approving it before bottling

HUBS Available 

  • Hollywood, Florida
  • Los Angeles, California
  • England
  • Europe
  • Asia
  • Turkey
  • India