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First let me say, my NEW title is Technical Application Manager !!! Awesome title for an AWESOME product !!!!

When folks stop me or see me, the thing that is repetitive is " man, that can't work" or " there is NO way that just happened!!" Well if you know me ,and you KNOW Croftgate USA, we ALWAYS prove them wrong, Our Aquanil X, Multi Clean, (BY THE WAY , JUST RECIEVED EPA APRROVAL) , Quick and Slick , Our AMAZING Tire Shine and the list continues to grow, and believe me it grows by the day!!

My phone, as Rick says, "that thing is attached to your ear like a second skin" with DEALERS and request from all over the country, from our Buddie Paul in Connecticut, to My Man Mario and the CREW at Classic Auto in my hometown of Paterson NJ, to my new friend Tommy in Texas than down to South Florida to my man Jeff M. The reason I bring this up is people are just watching our demo videos and wanting to know , WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON ??? Well USA and beyond, WATCH OUT, because Croftgate USA is SOON to be a household name !!!!!!