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Well,Croftgate USA spent the day at that at Nascar Technical Institute. They are spot on !!! We had a lot of fun, and got to clean a Porsche Boxster and a HUGE Ford F450 Duallie.  I will say this, they ALL NOW believe in our water smart technology !! I want to thank ALL  the students there for spending there afternoon with me!!  We laughed alot , cleaned a bunch of cars, and for sure , made some new friends!! That really is what this whole deal is about, we are making relationships, we want you guys to believe in us, and know we are here for the car guy to the every day driver. As I promised , ANY of the folks from NTI, if you contact myself or my sales rep Mike Steele, we will give you (7) dollars off of our 2 product kit. Of course we will deliver to the school for you at no charge !!! And you never know, if you ask nice, we may even do a little section on YOUR car for free as well Wink

Thanks again guys , for a GREAT day \!