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NO!!!!!!!!    It was Team CroftgateUSA  rolling into The Motor for Toys car show!!! With SO many to thank , let get started ...... Marlon Mitchell (President ) of the All Mustang & Ford Club of Southern Ca.   His club was very inviting and very nice to us , thanks guys!!! Than you have Mitch with (Mitch's Diamond Detail) from SAN DIEGO!!!! He drove 3 hours to meet us, and he did a GREAT job !!!! Than there were my NEW friends with the SO CAL Ferrari club, Barry Shaw and Jeff.... These guys have the most UNBELIEVABLE CARS !!!!  Both had ferrari's (yellow and charcoal) respectively and were cleaned with CroftgateUSA"s Aquanil X, Tire Shine and Quick and Slick!!! Both were amazing to start, we just brought them to another level of clean !!!!!  Than there  was Mike and his girlfriend(sorry, no name) with a WILD Blue and Silver Vette (wow!!!!)  Than Linda with her Maroon Vette to Oaff and his NEWLY cleaned 2008 Z06!! The reason we make a point of Oaff's vette, it was DIRTY and we changed that quickly (15 minutes) to perfection...... Overall, Team CroftgateUSA RULED this show and we have a TON of new friends we look forward to seeing again !!!!!!!