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You wanted the BEST and you got the BEST !!! That is ALL we heard this weekend!!!  So lets start with some THANK YOU's! Without question Bucky Worboys, Mr. Dupont and the Dupont Registry for their AMAZING hospitality   The guys from Sherman Willliams Automotive, Performance Power Online, The list can go on and on..... Heck WWE Superstar, John Cena paid us a visit!!!!!  We can for sure tell you a FACT, Quick and Slick, Aquanil X and Tire Shine OUTSHINED the Barret-Jackson Auction!!!  The folks were amazed with the ease of use,  NO dust, and of course, USE IT OUT-DOORS in direct sunlight !!!!!!! ALOT of other folks will NOT forget we were there !!!!Laughing

We will have some GREAT videos, some UNBELIEVABLE car shots that wil simply blow your mind, I promise you !!!!!

THANK YOU guys for the chance to do this!!! Without our all of your support , THIS is IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!

Frank DeFeo