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So.... I head up to The Corvette Expo in The Croftgate USA-Rimz One Focus. With some Aquanil X , Tire Sine, Multi-Clean and Quick and Slick to hang out with our guys from Keisler... When we arrived, I found out NO demo car,at a Corvette Show, trying to  SHOW OFF waterless car wash :(  For the normal guy , an impossible mission, For Croftgate USA , a CHALLENGE we met head on !!!!!! The folks in Seveirville could NOT have been nicer and receptive to Croftgate USA !!! And heck some of our NC  friends and folks we met in Myrtle Beach stopped by , THANKS AGAIN GUYS !!!!!!!   We had so  much fun, in the rain, in the COLD cleaning some AMAZING Corvettes, I think we may have even made a few new friends as well !!!  Thanks to the guys from Abingdon VA for being so cool and making me laugh!!!!  We had a GREAT time and can't wait to come back to Tennesee !!!!!!