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Great question,as I hear that alot........ Let me first say, All of you see me at the shows and on the website.. BUT, there is NO way I ever could do this without a TEAM!! I told one of our dealers this TODAY!! Let me introduce to OUR team, you NEVER see these folks, but WITHOUT them, we could not have this wonderful product, I would be un-employed and OUR team could not go ANYWHERE with confidence knowing we have the BEST product EVER!!!! So, without further adue, It starts in Florida with Trevor Law heading our offices to help ensure everything gets done in time, to our mixing dept with Matthew Mangat all the way from India to Demetrius Cleary from Nassau. Our bottling dept is headed by Walter Salas from Ecuador and Telly and Trevor help out as well.... Our shipping dept. has our BIG MAN, Brad Jones from Florida and Andrew Dalley from Jamaica. Our order entry dept. is where my peace of mind comes from Linda Lopez(MY New York GIRL), who alot of you have spoken to and Andrea Marrero from Argentina---WE HAVE THE BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE TEAM EVER!!!!------  Our billing and purchasing is done by my next New Yorker Jessica Valin. And the guy who really makes it happen, Telluckram (Telly) Maharaj from Trinidad who puts that "magic" in a  bottle for all of us!!!!! Guys, I want to THANK ALL OF YOU for being the TEAM !!!

Now, onto ---WESTSIDE-----  Marc Rios holds the fort down and really is a GREAT Team Leader.... Our team consists of the Ramos family who has been with Allied forever and we LOVE theie consistent support!! We than have Monica arming the phones to Freddie as well.... Eddie you guys see all the time as he really helps the CroftgateUSA flag move along with our sales team with Freddie and of course Wayne..... AGAIN there is NO WAY our company moves without the complete TEAM and in closing  there is NO Allied or Team CroftgateUSA without the Sures family and for that I am forever GRATEFUL!!!!!!  Thank you.......

Frank Defeo