its-a-gas-car-show_16It NEVER fails to surpise me, as many car shows as we go to how many AWESOME cars and trcuks are out there! And in Mocksville NC , there is NO exception!!!! We had a great time and were welcomed like an old friend to the It's a gas car show brought to us by the Good Guys Car Club!! Some of the cars and trucks there were to simply say AMAZING!!!!!

The club allowed us at high noon to put on a demo in front of all the event people, and let's just say there are alot more belivers in Aquanil X , Tire shine and Quick and Slick!!!!!

These products not only are the BEST, but perform EVERY time without question, they even surprise me sometimes!!!!! Thanks again to all the folks up in Mocksville for your business and allowing us to clean some very cool cars and trucks today, and by the way a TRACTOR that was at least 20 feet high that is used in commercial farming, you guys check out the pictures of the tractor and the results!!!!

Frank DeFeo

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