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Aquanil Waterless Car Wash

CroftgateUSA's Waterless Car Wash with Macro Polymers for a high performance eco-responsible approach to waterless car cleaning!



A Readily Biodegradable Waterless Car Wash and surface protectant

Here at CroftgateUSA we have a passion for all forms of transportation and the environmental impact of car washing using traditional water wasting methods.

As a consequence, we have taken the time to develop the best waterless car wash and paint protection systems available.
This allows you to keep your ride be it a car, bike, jet-ski, plane, truck looking better than new while using no water to wash your car.

  • As with most CroftgateUSA products, this can be used on surfaces in extreme sunlight/heat.
  • Perfect for both high gloss and matte finishes. Most products will not do both!

AQUANIL CroftgateUSA's waterless car wash is advanced blend of detergents and multiple macro polymers to be used on all non porous surfaces. Like most CroftgateUSA products this can be used in extreme direct sunlight/heat.

The waterless car wash, first breaks down and then suspends dirt and grime. AQUANIL then replaces it with a protective layer of macro polymers, leaving your vehicle cleaner and with a longer lasting shine you can be proud of.

You simply won't believe you just produced that shine with a Waterless car wash product.  Anti-statics contained in Aquanil will keep dust off your vehicle surfaces longer and make it easier to remove.

Wash Your Car Completely Waterless Using Aquanil Waterless Car Wash

A normal 32 oz bottle of CroftgateUSA's waterless car wash, Aquanil can clean your car waterless an average of 7 times.
This obviously depends on how heavily you apply and is based on normal application. Actual applications may vary depending on how soiled your vehicle is and how heavily you apply the waterless car wash. Washing your car waterless 7 times using only one 32oz bottle of Aquanil can save approximately 980 gallons of water per bottle alone!

For the best car wash results using CroftgateUSA's waterless car wash system, follow these guidelines:

{tip We highly recommend using microfiber towels for the application and removal of Aquanil waterless car wash all CroftgateUSA products} Microfiber towels {/tip}are recommended to gently and safely apply Aquanil and remove it. This way, chances of causing micro-scratches on the top coat, or interior surfaces are avoided.

To summarize CroftgateUSA's Easy Waterless Car Washing Process:

  • Fold each in half twice before use - This effectively gives you 8 clean pads to carry out your cleaning operation.
  • Spray the first microfiber towel with Aquanil  waterless car wash to pre-wet, and then lightly spray the surface of the vehicle to be cleaned. Clean only one section of the car at a time.
  • Wipe over the section of the vehicles surface with the micro fiber towel pre-sprayed with Aquanil. Any motion circular or linear will work just fine to apply Aquanil.
  • Once you've applied the Aquanil and gently covered the section of the vehicle simply grab a clean microfiber towel and gently buff off leaving a brilliant long lasting luster.
  • Simply spray on the waterless car wash
  • Wipe in the waterless car wash with a microfiber towel
  • wipe off the waterless car wash with a microfiber towel!

Waterless car washing is an easier and eco-friendlier alternative to water

AQUANIL, A Cutting Edge Waterless Car Wash System
Eliminates the need to use multiple products - Eliminates the need for gallons of water running to waste - Eliminates possible toxic pollutants entering storm drains and many other benefits to our environment. 


No listed Hazardous Ingredients - No Petroleum Solvents-No V.O.C's