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While at the DUB SHOW , Frankie and the crew were looking for that 1 car that needed some T.L.C. (Tender Lovin Croftgate) and we found it not 20 feet from the CroftgateUSA booth !! It was a Black (or so we thought) S500 Mercedes. The President and CEO, Rick Sures spotted it a mile away.... He actually made a   comment of "Who's car is this and Frankie....... FIX IT" So we found the owner, he gave us permission , and needless to say the car was NOT Black but BLUE !!! CroftgateUSA not only removed the haze, which was very bad, BUT made the blue pop so much, the owner was blown away !!!! Oh, and by the way.....That Mercedes won BEST Mercedes. CroftgateUSA family, we only do things one way.....The BEST!!!