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SO, you want to meet your HERO of Car Design??  Where do you go?? How about Foose Design!!! Chip Foose and Carson Lev are the REAL DEAL !!!! These guys were WIDE open but yet took time to tell us a story (YES, Chip told us a VERY funny story) to a quick tour, to the ULTIMATE picture with the MASTER of Car Design!!!!  Chip spent several minutes talking waterless car wash with us, WOW !!!!!  Thank you guys again!!! Than on to D&P !!!  You can se the MOST amazing cars in SOCAL so off we went to D&Pand The Nance family!!!!  Thanks to them for their time and my main man Bruce Skofield with Keisler for the hook up with D&P!!!! A special thanks (BIG THANKS) to the Team behind ME !!!  Rick Sures, Kelly (of course) Mike Steele, Kevin Bryde (extra special thanks) Eddie Cardenas---west side----  Mike Mashburn, Marc Rios, and Tim Jones!!!  These guys and (my wife) make this ship move, Team CroftgateUSA is a BIG SHIP with a GREAT TEAM steering it!!!!

I said it before, GUYS, a year ago I am in  a  DEAD end  job ,NOW, I am in LA meeting guys that are the LEADERS in the Car Aftermarket field, I truly am blessed, so for that I thank you Team CroftgateUSA and without question, the BIG GUY, Rick Sures!!!!!!!