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Are you looking for a professional treatment for your car?  One that cleans shines and protects it from rain, ultra violet rays of the sun, snow, sea salt and frost? Then mega polish (lotion) is a perfect choice for a mega shine on your car surface. It will protect and seal the paint surface while removing oxidation all while helping to bring back faded paint to a full shine.

Car Mega polish is used by professionals at classic car and vintage car shows, by exhibitors of cars, motor traders, caravan industry, boat industry etc. It is fine to apply mega polish in bright sunshine as the use of heat will not affect performance. You can also apply car mega polish to a dry car with a damp cloth, so if you are exhibiting at a show and no water is available your car can still be made to outshine all the others.

With mega polish, you can remove bird lime, tree sap, dead insects, tar, felt tip, oil, motorway grease, grime, black lines, algae and moss from caravans, motor homes and boats. If you wish your car to have a very high shine you may use mega polish as often as you require, you will get a build up of shine and protection but not a build up of polish.

Mega polish works with a blend of advanced biodegradable surfactants, macro-molecular-polymers and is environment friendly. It ensures the best when it comes to surface shine and protection for your vehicle. It provides long-lasting shine and protection for the exterior. A car mega polish is excellent for protecting surfaces from long term sun damage on the exterior surface.
So, if you wish to treat your car right with mega polish, just visit www.croftgateusa.com/