Waterless Car Wash System - Aquanil-X Waterless Car Wash and Wax

Thinking of shining your car? With waterless car wash and wax products 'no scratch formula', it is easy and safe to regularly wash your car without having to use any water. A waterless car wash and wax product leaves no white speckling or residue and gives a brilliant clean, with no streaks or water spotting.
Usually waterless car wash breaks down and then suspends dirt and grime. The pH balanced, non-detergent formula present in waterless car wash system won't strip off wax and is gentle on all painted finishes as well as rubber, vinyl and plastic components. Te products effortlessly clean up mess, stains and odors from having food, pets or dirt in your car, plus leaves a fresh fragrance, so you can always feel comfortable being in the car.Various features of waterless car wash system include:  
  1. Sparkling painted surface clean finish
  2. Streak free
  3. No water spotting
  4. Effortlessly remove dirt and stain from interior
  5. Safe for all interior and exterior car finishes
  6. No abrasive
  7. Easy application
  8. Fresh clean fragrance
Waterless car wash procedure involves certain handy tips:
  1. For best spray performance hold bottle as upright as possible.
  2. Wash your car in shade but if not possible, direct sun light is ok.
  3. Spray onto the surface and wipe in immediately.
  4. For best results use clean micro fiber towels.
  5. Change towels regularly and keep a couple extra handy.
For more information on waterless car wash products or procedure, just visit www.croftgateusa.com/

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CroftgateUSA’s superior micro fiber towel construction allows an extensive number of uses and can easily be machine or hand washed to be used again and again.