You'll never wax with traditional wax again

When used to treat a cleaned car, QUICK N SLICK immediately shows an extreme brilliant shine while the new Reactive Polymer Technology begins to cure providing a long lasting, protective, detergent resistant coating and slick, brilliant shine. It continues curing and hardening over the next 24 hours. Added antistatic properties continue to repel road dust.

Every second your prized possession is outside, it is exposed to a potentially harmful environment. Things like; intense heat, acid rain, industrial pollution, road dirt, bird droppings, road salt and road tar, squashed bugs all cause damage to the painted finish.

After a rain shower, when the sun comes out, the water droplets standing on the surface act like a miniature magnifying glass bringing intense heat to each area until they dry. Quick-N-Slick will protect your cars surface and produce a shine that you simply will not believe.

Easy to use directions:

Only Takes seconds to use

  1. Clean your car thoroughly using Multi Clean and Aquanil-X. Product is to be applied to a clean surface only
  2. Fold a clean, dry microfiber towel 2 times
  3. Mist the towel with 2 sprays of Quick N Slick. Do Not Over Apply
  4. Treat the painted surface by rubbing gently to develop a deep, bright shine and a tangible slickness
  5. Continue applying an area at a time, until vehicle is done.


  • Wax takes time and a lot of effort to apply and gives only a short term shine.
  • Wax degrades and is removed by heat, heavy rain or the detergents used in many car washes.
  • Wax, some say, fills in surface pores, protecting the surface and a shine.
  • QUICK N SLICK stays on, shining and protecting.
  • QUICK N SLICK Allows Unprecedented Long Term Shine, Durability & Sealant
  • QUICK N SLICK is sprayed on and rubbed in with little effort and lasts for months.