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As the vinyl industry grows, more and more are looking not only for training on “how to install” but now the after care.  The PGITA was formed by industry Pro, Sergio Desoto. He currently is In command of the country’s LARGEST training facility for vehicle vinyl installation.

“ We were looking for the safest possible solution to keep the vinyl clean and help with its endurance”  
Sergio Desoto of The Dezynery says.

CroftgateUSA, working with one of the LARGEST Vinyl manufactures in the world, Avery Dennison, and one of the nation’s largest wide-format print companies, MUTOH have to assure that they supply the finest and safest cleaners for their vinyl.  The car-vinyl industry sits on the verge of being the largest segment of automotive aftermarket and CroftgateUSA is at the forefront of Vinyl aftercare.

The PGITA was formed to assure installers received all accreditations and had access to the latest in technology. The PGITA recognizes CroftgateUSA has their “officially recommended” after care products and we cannot be more honored.

To learn more about the PGITA , find them here:   www.pgita.com
To learn more about  Sergio Desoto and the LARGEST training facility in the USA here: www.thedezynery.com