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The products listed here are for Professionals (Auto, other vehicle dealerships & industrial use). This requires a stronger or more aggressive product range. Prices are upon request, please click below to receive a listing with prices.

Ceramic protective coating with extra lubricity to make applications easier.

Assurance 2.0

Glass water repellant treatment kit.


Water based tire & trim dressing. Leaves a matte or gloss look on tires.

Tire Dressing Pro AQ 5500

Wheel acid, cleaner & iron fall out remover.

Break Down

Fabric protector for seats, cloths, shoes & more.

Fabric Protector 2.0

Faster drying solvent based tire dressing. Leaves a deep shine on tires.

Tire Dressing Pro Solv

Super concentrated car wash foam. 

Bucket Wash X Foam

Super concentrated degreaser cleaner.

Power Clean R

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