You might be comfortable with your paid car wash and/or your hose, soap, and water car wash procedure, but here are some reasons that will hopefully make you think of waterless car wash.

Waterless car washes are basically chemical cleaning solutions that you can apply on your car and then run off with microfiber towels to get clean and clear car. The whole procedure doesn’t take more than 15-20 minutes. You can save a lot of time that you waste driving to and from the car wash and then cleaning those areas that the car wash missed. The time that you save can better be utilized for walking or working out or doing any other leisure activity.

Since waterless car wash doesn’t involve any hose, bucket, and soap for cleaning cars, it is probably one of the most convenient ways of washing and cleaning your car. Just spray the waterless car washing product on the surface of your car and wipe it off with a microfiber towel. The protectant, polish and sealant components present in the waterless car washing products form a coating on top of the paint, giving your car the sheen only a wax job could give and that too for no extra effort. After a waterless wash, your car's surface would look smooth and glossy, without water beading in round droplets on its surface.

If you are a weekly washer, you must be spending somewhere between $240 and $300 every year on your car wash. Waterless car wash can lower your water bills and car wash bills significantly. Waterless wash and wax and waterless car wash concentrates along with microfiber towels will cost you $150-$200 which will last for three to four years.

On an average, 80-140 gallons of water are used for home car wash. Every time you turn the hose on to wash your car, you are draining a significant amount of water down your drain pipes. Plus, the car wash water contains all sorts of pollutants and contaminants which ultimately makes its way to the local water systems and natural vegetation. With waterless car wash, you can save water, as well as the environment.

Waterless car wash actually lets you gain in every possible way. You get to save time, money, and water. If you are interested in using a waterless car wash procedure from no on, just log on to The website offers a wide range of top quality waterless car wash products.

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