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Wash and Wax is an efficient and smart way to clean your vehicle. The method makes use of wetting agents, lubricants, and protectants to wax and polish the car or vehicle and to keep the luster of your vehicle intact and give it a complete shining appeal. Wash and Wax is a next generation waterless car wash system which gives the advantage to the car owner to clean his or her car without implementing any laborious car cleaning methods.

The best part of Wash and Wax car cleaning method is that it provides environment friendly car cleaning method. Whether it is dust, tar, grime, or bird droppings on the car’s surface, or dirt in the car interiors, this amazing waterless car wash procedure is the best way to clean everything and maintain the sheen of the car without causing any kind of micro scratching. Waxing and washing of the car uses the spray method as the result of which a layer in formed on the car surface that prevents the surface from any kind of environmental reaction.

The washing and waxing method of car cleaning is easy to perform and moreover it takes much less of time to clean the car. You just don’t have to use this cleaning method everyday. Once is a month is more than just sufficient.