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Wash and wax can just be words when you read them. But, when it comes to car maintenance- wash and wax can no longer be considered as mere words. Rather, they have deep dimensions. A proper wash and wax mechanism not only adds value to your car but it also ensures that the personality of your car gets an appreciation. After all, we all want our cars to look brand new, each time we wash them. A good car wax solution ensures that the so called “ finishing” of the car looks tremendous. Here is a list of some vital aspects that must be looked into while buying car wash and wax products.

Waterless Car Wash System: This is something very important. Make sure that your choice of wash and wax formula is waterless in nature. There are certain car parts that are prone to rust and corrosion. If such parts get constant water feed, there are chances rust might find a place.  This brings a dull look to the car. Hence, ensure that your choice of wash and wax products are a part of waterless car wash system. You have choices when it comes to the car wax you use. You can use a waterless wash and wax formula, a spray wax, a fast wax, or the traditional rub-on wax. Polishing compound can help remove oxidation Here you have to be a bit careful as well. Hard scrubbing might damage the base level surface of the car.  While using a wash and wax formula, make sure you car is properly washed and dried out. The wax compounds and elements work excellently over dry surface of the car. Keeping the car away from the sunlight is very important. If exposed to sunlight, the car paint may become soft. This will lead to improper wax application. Once you are through with the car wash make sure that you remove all the soap. Once the soap is removed, it means the car body is non slippery and ready for a wax.  

Multi Purpose Products: Always zero-in on a good multi purpose wash and wax product. This saves a lot of money which otherwise would have been spent on buying miscellaneous cleaning products. A good quality car wax will work on all surfaces. Hence, there would be no need to buy different products for different nature of vehicles.

I hope these inputs help you choose the right wash and wax products.

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