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Matte Gloss Cleaner



Wrap Care Matte & Gloss Cleaner is easy to use and a fast acting cleaner for all wrap surfaces. 


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    • For light and heavy duty cleaning (dirt, grease, oils, finger prints, dust and more).
    • Easy Spray and wipe technology.
    • Matte retains the same clean look.
    • Gloss will look more enhanced.
    • Leaves a replenishing protectant sealant on surface.
    • No Petroleum Solvents/No VOCs/ No listed Hazardous Materials.
    • Formulated with materials to act and react with other - CroftgateUSA Wrap Care products.

    Directions for use:
    * Always use with clean twice folded Microfiber towels.
    1. Spray onto a twice-folded microfiber towel to presoak the towel surface.
    2. Spray onto an area of wrap to be cleaned and wipe area with presoaked microfiber towel.
    3. Use second clean microfiber towel to lightly buff surface dry
    Repeat Steps 1 through 3 until all sections are sealed.

    * For heavier then normal surface dirt/dust/grease/finger prints, spray a heavier amount on area to be cleaned.

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