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All-in-One Multi Surface cleaner. 



    • Carries our CroftgateUSA Eco Logo, meeting or exceeding global standards.
    • No petroleum solvents, No Classified Ingredients.
    • A mutl-purpose cleaner designed to have minimal environmental impact.
    • No inorganic Acids or phosphates.
    • Removes stains from carpet and fabrics.
    • Removes brake dust, tar, bugs, grease, bird dropping & burnt rubber from surfaces.
    • Helps bring back old white/light paint.
    • A readily biodegradable product.


    Recommendation For Use:
    Needed: 2 clean/dry twice folded microfiber towels.
    Cleaning Fabrics: depending on severity of stain or grime.
    1. Spray the affected area a few times.
    2. Use micro-fiber towel to wipe affected area clean, spray more if necessary.
    3. Using a clean/dry microfiber towel to wipe area dry.
    4. Repeat steps 1-3 until all areas are done.
    * Carpet & Fabrics: For your comfort, we recommend you treat a small area first to ensure you are satisfied.


    Cleaning Exterior of vehicle ( paint, wheels, windows, plastic, vinyl, chrome & more).
    1. Spray the affected area a few times.
    2. Take a clean microfiber towel and pre-wet it with a few sprays of Multi-Clean.
    3. Using the pre-wet towel, wipe area until clean, spraying more if necessary.
    4. Using a clean/dry microfiber towel, wipe affected area until dry.
    5. Repeat steps 1-4 until all areas are done.

    No Petroleum Solvents - No Listed Hazardous Materials - No VOCs’

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