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32 oz Quart Trigger Spray Bottle of CroftgateUSA's All-in-One Multi Surface cleaner. Multi-Clean has the ability to remove heavier then normal dirt and films that conventional cleaners can't touch. Pollutants like road debris, bugs, tar, bird droppings and much more. Use it on the outside of your vehicle surface and on the inside!


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    • Carries our CroftgateUSA Eco Logo, meeting or exceeding global standards.
    • No petroleum solvents, No Classified Ingredients.
    • A mutl-purpose cleaner designed to have minimal environmental impact.
    • No inorganic Acids or phosphates.
    • Removes stains from carpet and fabrics.
    • Removes brake dust, tar, bugs, grease, bird dropping & burnt rubber from surfaces.
    • Helps bring back old white/light paint.
    • A readily biodegradable product.


    Recommendation For Use:
    Needed: 2 clean/dry twice folded microfiber towels.
    Cleaning Fabrics: depending on severity of stain or grime.
    1. Spray the affected area a few times.
    2. Use micro-fiber towel to wipe affected area clean, spray more if necessary.
    3. Using a clean/dry microfiber towel to wipe area dry.
    4. Repeat steps 1-3 until all areas are done.
    * Carpet & Fabrics: For your comfort, we recommend you treat a small area first to ensure you are satisfied.


    Cleaning Exterior of vehicle ( paint, wheels, windows, plastic, vinyl, chrome & more).
    1. Spray the affected area a few times.
    2. Take a clean microfiber towel and pre-wet it with a few sprays of Multi-Clean.
    3. Using the pre-wet towel, wipe area until clean, spraying more if necessary.
    4. Using a clean/dry microfiber towel, wipe affected area until dry.
    5. Repeat steps 1-4 until all areas are done.

    No Petroleum Solvents - No Listed Hazardous Materials - No VOCs’

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