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Resiliense Spry


Unlike any other, this is a solvent free True ceramic coating spray with a very easy application to provide your surfaces with extra protection and an extreme deep magnification of color/gloss. 

As it cures, your surfaces will feel slicker and slicker making it harder for contaminates to stick to and much easier to clean.

Besides helping to protect your surfaces the depth of shine and color is unmatched.


How long does it last? A year.  However, when used with our Just the One or Aquanil cleaners/detailers which contains 20% Resilience Ceramic Spray, you can make it last as long as you want because each time you clean the surfaces you rebuild the ceramic.

Recommendation for Use: Apply only on a clean surface


Needed: 2-3 Microfiber Towels folded 2-3 times

  1. Take one of the microfiber towels (applicator towel) and spray it 6 times to pre-wet it. This is done only for first time. After this all you need is 4 sprays.
  2. Apply this to surface areas (1/2 door panel)
  3. Wait 1-2 minutes and use the dry microfiber towel to lightly buff in
  4. Repeat Steps 1-3 until all surfaces are done
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