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The Last Detail



The Last Detail will clean and boost shine on all surfaces.


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    • Instant detail touch up.
    • Removes light finger prints, dust and more.
    • A Spray on and wipe off technology.
    • Wipes on and off easily and quickly.
    • Use on paint-windows-chrome-plastic.
    • Contains Biodegradable detergents.
    • Contains high shine bonding agents.
    • No Petroleum Hydrocarbons.
    • No V.O.Cs.

    Recommendation For Use:
    Use with 1-2 clean dry microfiber towels, we recommend folding towel twice.
    Use only on a clean surface.

    Spray 2-3 mists onto surface area and wipe in with a clean microfiber towel, flip towel over and wipe off.

    Remember, The Last Detail is used on multiple surfaces, for GLASS, spray 3-4 mists on glass and using a clean microfiber towel, wipe on and then flip the towel and wipe off.

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